Ten Reasons to Choose durascan Magnetic Heads

World Magnetics write, read, erase, and charge magnetic heads are used wherever long life and superior performance are required.

  1. We offer a complete line of MICR Heads - Single and multi-track (up to 30 tracks), slit scan, matrix read, and remittance processing... we have a magnetic head for any application
  2. Greatly extended magnetic head life - Our sintered and pressed application process delivers the most durable wear surface possible. Our ceramic wear surfaces can handle over 125 million passes at speeds up to 400 IPS
  3. Superior frequency response - Our double wound heads produce less noise and disturbance in your signal. This results in fewer bit errors and more accurate signal reproduction
  4. Experienced engineering staff - Our engineers have extensive experience in applying magnetic head technology across all industries. We can assist you from product concept through final design
  5. Process control and inspection systems - Our Process Controls System, coupled with 100% final inspection and maintenance of exact tolerances throughout the manufacturing process, insure consistent high quality and long-life dependability
  6. Supplier excellence awards. We know that on time delivery of error free products, service after the sale, and cost reduction are all crucial to our customers. Our many supplier excellence awards are testimony to our dedication to getting it right, on time, every time
  7. Custom Design and manufacturing capability - We have modern inhouse engineering and manufacturing facilities that include: die casting, stamping, injection and compression molding, lapping, grinding, machining and assembly. We also manufacture our tooling, dies, molds and fixtures
  8. Fast delivery and great customer service - Because we are an integrated facility, we can respond quickly to all your custom requirements.
  9. We wrote the spec - Our magnetic heads are referenced in American National Standard ANS X9:27. If you want the magnetic head that everyone else is measured by, please call us
  10. Made in the USA - Our custom durascan magnetic heads are designed and manufactured in the USA