durascan - Setting the industry standard for custom magnetic heads

Longest Life, Superior Frequency Response, Premium Quality

  • Sintered and pressed ceramic wear surfaces
  • Exacting / highest tolerance specifications in industry
  • Extended wear faceplates
  • High coercivity to 5000 Oe
  • Thin lamination process & metal core blocks
  • Double wound heads for accurate signal reproduction
  • Longest lasting magnetic heads in the industry

Custom Magnetics Engineering, Manufacturing, Tooling

  • Custom designs for your specific challenges and applications
  • Prototyping / Reverse engineering / Retrofit / Refurbishing
  • In-house custom engineering and industry leading expertise
  • Magnetic head assemblies
  • Tooling, dies, molds, fixtures die casting, stamping, injection & compression molding, lapping, grinding, machining, assembly
  • Modern integrated manufacturing facility. Made in USA

Experienced Industry Leader

  • Recognized industry leader for more than 40 years
  • Our heads referenced in American Nation Standard ANS X9:27
  • Custom magnetic head solutions for clients such as IBM, John Deere, Honeywell, New York City Transit
  • Authority, and the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks.
  • Complete in-house design-to-delivery capability
  • Responsive service / Prompt delivery

durascan magnetic heads, a World Magnetics brand, produces custom high-performance magnetic heads known for durability, long life, superior frequency response and increased accuracy. Our high quality magnetic heads are often used in high-speed / high-accuracy applications and feature tough, ultra-hard sintered and pressed ceramic wear surfaces. durascan magnetic heads include write heads, read heads, erase heads, and charge heads for both normal and harsh or extreme environments.

Applications vary greatly (see applications) and include MICR check processing (wave form & matrix), ISO magnetic stripe card readers, AFC - automated fare collections (airline, bus, subway, mass transit ticketing), security access control, parking control access, toll collection, mail processing, ID cards (drivers license, passport), banking, and much more.

Replacement Heads for Brush Industries, Cubic, Federal APD, Genfare, IBM, NCR, Onity Door Lock, SkiData, Zeag and more. Note: All mentioned company, brand and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Billions of Scans - Our durascan magnetic heads used in check readers and document sorters can process over 2,500 checks per minute. Used 24x7x365 this equates to over 1,314,000,000 scans per year... that's over 1.3 billion scans! In this type of wear environment, our durascan magnetic heads lifespan lasts from three to six years. durascan magnetic heads are used in check and document processing machines like those used by the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks, commercial check clearinghouses, and many large banks and financial institutions.