durascan - with more than 40 years experience, durascan is the world's leading producer of high quality standard and custom magnetic heads. Magnetic applications include:

Magnetic Head and Sensor Applications:

  • ISO magnetic stripe cards / readers
  • Parking control access systems
  • Security access control systems
  • Check processing / verification: MICR, E13B, CMC-7
  • Transit / transportation ticketing
  • AFC Automated Fare Collections
  • Airline ATB Automated Ticketing/Boarding
  • Drivers license, passports, loyalty / ID cards
  • Credit card / Debit card readers
  • Banking / ATM machines
  • Currency detection / Banknote detection
  • Mail processing and sorting
  • Robotics & manufacturing
  • Detection applications
  • AV Broadcast heads - audio / visual
  • Casinos & gaming / vending
  • Hotel room / motel room security devices
  • Data storage - analog & digital storage
  • Harsh and extreme environments

durascan, a World Magnetics brand, manufactures custom analog and digital magnetic heads offering exceptional performance in standard and custom applications. In support of your needs and specific application requirements, we offer complete in-house engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities to insure premium quality, fast turnaround, and long life dependability.

Simplify your challenges and gain a competitive edge by allowing our more than 40 years of industry expertise, ingenuity, and skilled engineering staff to guide you through all phases of your magnetic head application projects and solutions. Contact Us »